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If you've ever been to my house at Halloween, you know that there'h always candies corn about. Hands down, it'h my preferred candy at this period of the yr. Personalized Pillow Covers

I understand it's not everybody's favorite, but if it's a good brand, it's i9000 got that buttery texture and smooth taste of sweetie that's impossible to withstand. It'h also aesthetically attractive, and when I see I actually instantly think of fall, Halloween and it. 3d pillow cases.

To honor this time-honored tasty deal with, I designed a throw pillow. Quirky and unique, it includes patchwork fabric that can be made with leftovers remaining over from past projects.

If you are a quilter, I understand you possess plenty of fabric that you can use, and you most likely possess the filling too, so this project should end up being a breeze.

Pillow case extra large,The products you'll want are fairly simple to discover.

Pillow cover kit,Print out this template to help you get the shape of the candies corn for your pattern.

Pillow case taupe,Unless you have access to a printer that places out large paper, you will need to enlarge the shape on your very own.

Code Red Pillow CaseCode Red Pillow Case

Cut out the candies corn template and then, using a huge piece of lightweight colouring, or looking up, paper, expand the shape by doing a trace for around it. teddy bear pillow case.

I used 12" x 18" crayon paper. Tag with a pencil because you may need to adjust your looking up lines.

Cut out the sweet shape and then pull lines to separate it into three areas for the different colours.

Constantly my favorite component when producing a project with fabric, gather numerous parts of white/off white, teal waste and orange colored. They can become any size and form. I choose smaller sized pieces to get even more alternative in the patchwork.